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Rehoboth Properties has designed a range of payment plans to suit each client.

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Finance To Suit You

Rehoboth Properties has designed a range of payment plans to suit each client. We usually offer fixed term purchase price through-out the term of the payment of your home and/or your investment properties.

We currently have two purchase schemes:

Self-Finance Purchase Scheme (Initial flexible 30% deposit payment to secure your preference)
Mortgage Financing Scheme (Initial flexible 20% deposit payment to secure your preference)

Self-Finance Outright

Purchase Scheme
This is a straightforward leasehold purchase where eligible clients pay as follows;

– An initial 30% at signing contract
– Then a further 40% payment within at roofing level
– Final instalment payment 30% at completion but before handing-over.

Mortgage Financing

This is a flexible scheme which enables you to buy a home of your choice, suitable for your circumstance, using a traditional mortgage. The precise arrangement varies depending on the size of property/ loan you require. Generally, the payment schedule is as follows;

– Minimum of 30% initial deposit from client.
– The rest of the property price 70% could be under mortgage plan.
– The scheme does have varying restrictions depending on the mortgage lender you use, which can also affect the deposit amount.

In the meantime, we advise that until the Mortgage provider has written to confirm, it is your responsibility to secure your property by making ongoing payments.

Who Can Buy?

These offers are open to anyone who is unable to afford to buy a property outright but has a steady income to attract mortgage finance. This can be first-time buyers in secured employment, locally or from abroad, who are looking for multiple purchases as investments in Ghana.

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