Ghana Government To Support The Private Sector In Real Estate Development

Honourable Freda Prempeh, the Deputy Director for Housing has disclosed that government has put in place policies to aid the private sector in improving the real estate landscape in Ghana.

She made this disclosure at the Ghana Green Building Summit held on October 18, 2017, at the Africa Regent Hotel.

“Government has put in place some regulatory framework and had adopted a number of policies whose overall objective will be to create an enabling environment for the private sector to play a leading role in the delivery of housing,” she disclosed.

“The implementation of the National Housing policies and its strategies includes promotion of the manufacture and the use of local building materials and the appropriate technologies in housing with the Local Building Materials Utilization policy which was adopted in 2010,” she added.

According to the Deputy Director at the Ministry of Works and Housing, the government of Ghana has made significant progress in the improvement of institutional and legal frameworks, sensitization of the public about the quality of our local building materials, and the promotion of its use.

“The National and Urban policies are to strengthen the legal framework of urban development with clear set-out guidelines for the planning and development of urban areas”, she said.

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