• Can I buy a freehold property?

No. All property transactions can only be leasehold. A lease-hold is a property that can be sold for a limited duration. In Ghana, the maximum ownership duration for expats is 50 years while for locals, it is 99 years. Properties in Ghana are only Leases and are always renewable after 99years.

  • Is it difficult and expensive to renew my lease?

The renewal process is quite straightforward, the Freeholder is always allowed to extend leases if the lease is not in breach. It is quite a foundation of the land system in Ghana that Government and individuals allow renewals and at minimal amounts.

  • Are there any associated costs of buying a property?

There are legal fees. However, these Legal fees are regulated by the Ghana Bar Association. The following amounts are prescribed legal fees for conveyance: range from 3% -10% of the purchase price.

  • What are the investment yields?

Typical Investment yields are between 8 – 12%.

  • How often is rent paid?

For the legal position, the law states rent should be paid maximum six months in advance then every six months thereafter. In practice, rent is commonly paid between one and three years in advance.

  • What currency is used in Ghana for property transactions?

All property is bought  and sold with US Dollar rate or Ghana Cedi’s equivalent; a currency of Ghana.



  • Which is the nearest religious facility?

There are few small religious centers such as the Church of Pentecost, New Life Assemblies of God, Faith Embassy Church; Action Chapel International -Wonder Cathedral Light House, and a Mosque. Please google for a wider area and factions.

  • How is the neighborhood secure?

Rehoboth Hills is a gated community, with 24 hr Security, where the beauty and serenity of nature has been fused with elegant architectural craftsmanship and designed to create an environment that will not only take care of your housing needs but will also add value to you and your family lives.

  • Would the property accommodate parking spaces and for how many cars?

Our properties have up to two car parking spaces per house plus off-street parking spaces.

  • Could I upgrade to a different kitchen?

Yes, we will be offering a range of kitchens to choose from, with the option to upgrade, to cater for your needs at a cost .

  • What are the average utility bills?

The average amount paid for utility bills is 75ghcs per month. (variable)

  • Is there a risk of flood?

Our estates have tarred roads and covered drains, which minimises any risk.


  • What is the main road and how far is the estate from it?

Main road is the Adenta Aburi Road, 1 minute away from the estate.

  • What types of schools are close to the estate?

Penfield High School, Oyarifa Presbyterian School.

  • Does the area have a good transportation system?

Easy access from the main road for taxis and buses (trotros).



  • What restaurants are nearby?

Nearby restaurants include East Legon Starbites Food and Drinks, Cayenne Restaurant, and DNR Turkish Restaurant, Baritas Restaurant at Adenta, Honey drive in Panteng, Sky Restaurant in Oyarifa, Peduase Valley Resort in Aburi.

  • How long will it take to build our house?

Approximatively 12 months for bungalow types and 18 months for storey houses.

  • What Government fees apply when purchasing a property?

5% Property Sales (new legislation may).

  • What warranties do you provide?

6 months’ snagging period after handover.

  • What up-dates will I get regarding my property?

Weekly/ monthly.